Save A Child Project (SAC)


Within Nigeria? Please Contact us to donate in cash or kind.

In a local joint here in Gusau…i had just finished my bottle of coke and sausage when one of the numerous Almajiri boys who watched ravenously as i ate walked up, took my empty bottle as if to return it to its place, lifted it up to his mouth and waited patiently for whatever i might have ignored to drop on his tongue and ‘feed’ his hungry soul. The tears came to my eyes instantly!!!

About a week later, a 3 year old boy was at my door (as is their practice) reciting the popular song they use to beg for food in the morning. He was barely able to speak. The song came out as the incoherent babbling of an infant still learning to speak.

That is how this project was born; to raise help and support for the Almajiri Kid whose condition has deteriorated over time.

For more on the Almajiri education system, kindly click here!!!


THE ALMAJIRAI are male kids between the ages of 5 and 16 migrate from place to place for Islamic education. It used to be a respected and well organized form of education in Northern Nigeria but things have since changed drastically. The pictures show their real life condition as they roam and litter the streets around most parts of northern Nigeria, living like scavengers, eating from the dumps, standing around to lick the oil off the plate customers have eaten from, sleeping out in the cold, haven’t taken a shower in months, wearing the same piece of clothing for months, living with all manner of bodily infections, most will never see their parents again and ultimately, no hope for a future.

almajiri kids

These ones may be prone to all forms of exploitation, both of the body and mind. If we let them grow like this and show no empathy today, they may  nurse so much hate that would express itself in uglier versions tomorrow!!!


You can DONATE FUNDS to enable us do the following:

  • Assist the Mallam (Teacher) to improve the living conditions in at least 2 Almajiri schools in Gusau.almajiri sharing a bowl of local milk
  • Flooring and painting of their school
  • Procurement of relief materials like fairly used clothes in bulk, footwear (slippers), blankets, mosquito nets, mats, toothbrush and toothpaste, water treatment tablets, food stuff, writing materials, etc.
  • Building of a toilet and bathroom.
  • To achieve these in 2 Almajiri ‘schools’, we’ll need $3558


Kindly click here for a detailed Cost Estimate for the Save a Child Project


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