Save A Life Project (SAL)


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From the several months i’ve spent here in Zamfara, i’ve discovered that due to the geography of the State, portable drinking water is not common. Boreholes and other sources of clean drinking water are difficult to come bye, hence the people resort to wells even in the towns.

The Chakala Community 2

The Chakala Community 2

Chakala Community

Chakala Community

For the local rural communities like the Chakala and Ekaala community, they have a well and a barely functional hand pump and have to rely on rainwater and a dirty stream for water. Their neighbors (Jaurin Rogo community) can boast of a single functional hand pump. The Chakala people have to travel to neighboring communities for yet unclean water.  

These ones sadly know little or nothing about the need for clean drinking water and purification of the ones they get from their rudimentary sources. So imagine the increase in both infant and adult mortality rate as a result of diseases from bad drinking water. theses ones live in the hinterlands, where medication and other social amenities exist only as a figment of their imagination.

The only functional water source in Jauri Community

The only functional water source in Jauri Community

The Chakala Community is the target beneficiary of this project. If we can provide them with clean pipe borne water, we would affect the lives of the other two neighboring communities and save their lives from the harmful effects of Cholera and other water borne diseases.


We intend to provide Chakala Community with portable drinking water to save them from possible water related ailments. We will provide them with water purification materials like aquatabs, and also teach them locally obtainable means of purifying water.

We need you to DONATE FUNDS to:

1.) Drill a borehole with overhead tanks and taps for the Chakala Community

2.) Procure 5,000 aquatabs (water purification tablets)

3.) Organize a water purification seminar and campaigns to entrench the need for safe drinking water in these ones.

With $5000, we will be able to drill a borehole with overhead tanks for Chakala community, procure water purification tablets for 2 other communities and organize water purification seminars for them in their local language.

Perhaps the government will take a cue from us and remember these ones and you’ll be glad you started this change.

Kindly click here for a detailed Cost Estimate for the Save a Life Project


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