Save A School Project (SAS)


Within Nigeria? Please Contact Us to donate in cash or kind.

The burden to embark on this project came as a result of an experience i had. I was in a classroom typing a document on my laptop when high school (senior secondar school) students began to trickle in. In a matter of minutes, over 50 students had gathered behind me, almost toppling themselves over to get a peek at my laptop. The mere sight of a computer overwhelmed these ones. That is how i found out that their school, and indeed most schools in Gusau, did not have computer laboratories and thus handle computer trainings verbally.

My survey/visit also revealed that almost all schools in Gusau can seldom boast of libraries, and the students themselves barely have access to necessary textbooks. Education, dear friends, is not meant to be so. Hence i figured there must be something  we could do to help.


  • With your help, we can set up a basic functional computer laboratory (without internet connection)  in 3 schools in Gusau namely Government Girls Day Secondary School GGDSS Samaru, Government Technical College GadaBiyu and Sambo Secondary School Tudun Wada. With 30 computers (10 each) and complete accessories such as printers, UPS, ceiling fans, etc, these labs can be up and running in a month and and their education would be given a reasonable facelift.
Govt. Girls Day Sec. Sch. Samaru

Govt. Girls Day Sec. Sch. Samaru

Sambo Secondary School, Gusau

Sambo Secondary School, Gusau

  • We also can set up libraries in at least 2 public schools in Gusau. The schools will provide secure rooms to serve as libraries while we we’ll furnish them with text books and educational materials, adequate lighting, ceiling fans, tables and chairs to provide these ones with the required ambience and materials for effective study. The text books will span select subjects in the arts and sciences respectively.

    For Govt. Technical Scl. GadaBiyu

    For Govt. Technical Scl. GadaBiyu


Surely, you can DONATE FUNDS to help us affect the lives of these ones positively. Here in Nigeria we can get a desktop computer complete with accessories like keyboard and mouse for roughly $200. To give a school 10 computers, we’ll need $2000, while $6000 will be enough to procure 30 computers for 3 schools only.

However, to thoroughly equip a single Computer laboratory in a school, we’ll need about $3,248. So for the 3 schools, we’ll need about $9744 at the present exchange rates.

To set up and furnish a library in a school, we’ll need $2,423; for two schools, we’ll need $4,846. Hence with $14,590 we could successfully make a reasonable impact on the education that these ones are getting here in Gusau, Nigeria. The Schools will partner with the NYSC to constantly assign Corp members of related fields to handle computer trainings in these schools to sustain this project.

Kindly click here for a detailed Cost Estimate for the Save a School Project


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