What NYSC Corp Members Do…

nysc-members2-612x300The uniformed youths are freshly mobilized members of Nigeria’s National Youth Service Corps, (NYSC), taking an oath to serve their fatherland.

These fresh Nigerian graduates are on a compulsory 1 year service to their fatherland.

What i find unique about them is that they are rendering this selfless service to their nation away from their respective states of origin/comfort zone, meaning they have to live amidst people of different cultures, tribes and religions for one full yeara corper in koma mountains

and carry out community development projects to positively impact the lives of people in their host community. A great part

of the national unity Nigeria still enjoys today and lots of rural community development projects affecting the lives of indigent

ones in the villages is attributable to the NYSC scheme and i am proud to now be saddled with this same responsibility.


How It Works!

Environmental Sanitation Awareness

Environmental Sanitation Awareness

We Corps members do not simply get posted to states around the federation to seat and do nothing for a year. We are assigned places of primary assignments (PPA) where we work in pertinent sectors of the economy (Agriculture, Education, Health, Public Sector, etc) to add value to the Nigerian economy. Further more, all Corps members become active participants in Community Development Service (CDS) units like the Millennium Development Goals – (MDGs), Legal Aid (offering pro-bono legal services), Economic and Financial Crimes Commission (EFCC), Animal Care, Peer Education Trainers (PET), Charity, Road Safety, National Agency for Food and Drug Administration and Control (NAFDAC), as well as in the medical, editorial, sports sectors, etc. There we provide our professional services/know-how in developing our host communities by carrying out various goal oriented projects to meet the needs of people in dire need. All of this is done free of any charge whatsoever.

Also, we Corps members have the responsibility of identifying pertinent problems in our host communities that the government may be too far to know about, developing projects targeted at solving these problems and sourcing for funds for these projects through appropriate government agencies, corporate bodies and individual donors who are committed to sustaining the positive change we bring about. Corps members CANNOT sponsor projects as individuals, but act as intermediaries between the sponsors and the beneficiaries as supervised by the NYSC.


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